Tea Talk With Ty

Tea Talk With Ty

Life is just...well tricky. Especially with these 2020 shenanigans still lingering in 2022. How do you shine and glow as your best version of yourself when everything around you is in full chaos?Join Ty Wonder the host, positive mind hacker, fitness master trainer, glow up coach, holistic wellness practitioner and entertainment personality as we discuss living your best life & how to navigate and glow up through it! Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you prefer to sip on, find a cozy spot and lean in with your new virtual bff and sometimes dope members of her circle too!

Recent Episodes

To Write Or Not To Write..That Is The Question..

July 28, 2022

The digital age has meant that we do almost everything electronically. People tend to send texts vs hand written letters. But what does that mean for you as a goal digger? Should you write your business goals and “to-do’s” d…

Adversity Is Inevitable! Inspiration From Meeting Marshall Falk

July 12, 2022

Sometimes inspiration comes and you have to drop the ball and record. (pun intended) On this episode of Tea Talk With Ty, Ty does a very unscripted episode to discuss the nuggets she learned at the Charlotte Touchdown Club's…

Has PTSD Slowed Down Your Goals?

June 29, 2022

As we rap up PTSD awareness month, this was a topic that I could not NOT talk about! PTSD = Post traumatic stress disorder. And it isn't all exclusive to military and Veterans. PTSD can come from a car accident, any type of …

Which P Should I Be Focusing On?!?!

June 14, 2022

In a previous episode, ( I Have A Confession, I've Got To Quit This ) (https://www.teatalkwithty.com/i-have-a-confessioni-got-to-quit-this/) we discussed imposter syndrome and how it literally stops you from propelling forw…

So A Death = Memes?!? Is That How They See You?

May 9, 2022

Last week there was a death of a YouTuber personality that rocked the African American community. People had so many thoughts and opinions on if he should have died, happy he was died, sad he passed and completely indifferen…

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Lessons Learned & The Future Of Tea Talk With Ty....

May 5, 2022

"Alexa! Play anniversary by Tony, Toni Tone!" Today, 5/5/2022 marks my two year anniversary for Tea Talk With Ty and the podcast industry. Wow! What a journey with sooo many plot twists and unexpected victories and learning …

About the Host

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Ty Wonder

Ty Wonder aka the "woman of many wonders" is your positive mind hacker that can make you believe you can do anything but fail!

Ty is the Mommy of 1 & also an mompreneur with a production company (TyChi Productions) to help entrepreneurs like herself find their voice & secure the bag, a fitness program to empower women and sensuality (the Muse Experience) as well as an actress & model.

Ty Wonder is also the host to the award winning Lies & Garbage Show, the new Lemme Holla At You podcast and produces other podcasts under her production company.