Sept. 21, 2021

But HOW Can I "Goal Dig" If My Life Is A Mess?!?

But HOW Can I

Rather you're a "goal digger" with a 9-5 type career, have a business with a 9-5 or just have several side hustles, life  doesn't freeze, it only ends.

How on earth do you stay focused on goal digging when you feel like you're a mess? You're sad, don't have the energy, maybe your marriage/relationship is bananas or your kids are driving you crazy. Whatever it is, it's apart of that cycle we call life that's ever changing and never always perfect.

What do you do? In this episode, Ty Wonder gives 4 tips and dives deep into her personal life to use it as a moment to show that's it's possible and explain the how's and why's to move past it. 

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