May 5, 2022

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Lessons Learned & The Future Of Tea Talk With Ty....

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Lessons Learned & The Future Of Tea Talk With Ty....
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"Alexa! Play anniversary by Tony, Toni Tone!"

Today, 5/5/2022 marks my two year anniversary for Tea Talk With Ty and the podcast industry. Wow! What a journey with sooo many plot twists and unexpected victories and learning experiences.

Grab some tea or champagne as I discuss the lessons I learned in the last two years and how it can relate to being a business owner regardless of the field. I dive deep into how podcasting has changed my perspective with consistency as well as the personal growth in just two years in an industry that I knew very little about.

I also mention a huge lesson learned and give my apology to someone very dear to me.

Also in this episode, I discuss my other podcasts I co-host and produce:
the award winning Lies & Garbage Show
the new Lemme Holla At You
upcoming episode (producing through my company TyChi Productions) Robbin's Nest


I hope this resonates with you! If it does, please :  leave me a review on Spotify or Apple & consider leaving your thoughts on social media. Most importantly, please share this with a fellow entrepreneur, artist, podcaster, boss and/or Goal digger like you!

May all your dreams come true in 2022!!!!

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