May 9, 2022

So A Death = Memes?!? Is That How They See You?

So A Death = Memes?!? Is That How They See You?
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Last week there was a death of a YouTuber personality that rocked the African American community. People had so many thoughts and opinions on if he should have died, happy he was died, sad he passed and completely indifferent on all of it because he was so contraversial. It truly had me thinking and having conversations about what people will say once I meet my earthly demise. Will there be memes? Will it be controversial?

Tap in as I discuss my thoughts about legacy and what leaving one truly means as well as lessons learned from watching a brief moment within the infamous YouTuber's life.  Although I wasn't a fan (not a hater either), I was able to learn a few things from both his work and death holistically. RIP


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May all your dreams come true in 2022!!!!

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