Dec. 2, 2021

Whew...I'm Back With Lessons Learned!

Whew...I'm Back With Lessons Learned!
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If you listened to the last few episodes, you know Ty Wonder was in the process of moving. Well, she finally moved for the final time and has gotten settled. Moving truly is a painful and frustrating process. This time, especially having to move twice (essentially) was no different. It's so easy to stay frustrated, worrying about what's going to go wrong and when everything is going to happen. It's so hard to trust and believe anything while you're waiting for your dreams/manifestations/promises unfold.

Lean in as Ty Wonder discusses the three major lessons she learned about life and herself as it relates to goal digging and living a life full of color during the 90 day process of packing, move 1, stay and move 2.

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