March 7, 2022

Who's Your Competition?

Who's Your Competition?
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What does social media, acting, Tyler Perry's new Netflix film "Madea's Homecoming"  and goal digging have in common?

It hit hards on this episode. Tyler Perry made an Instagram post stating how he was told there was any money in the African-American film market, but show's how his new movie is trending. Yet...I hear so many complaints about his work.

I will never ever knock his hustle or be negative towards his brand. But this episode isn't even about Tyler Perry.   It's the same effect as the Popeyes chicken sandwich when it first came out. It's the same effect as when Rihanna disclosed she's pregnant. (Congrats again RiRi!) But it's not about either of those two things either.

While I clearly discuss matters of entertainment, this isn't an inclusive conversation just to entertainment industry or the African-American community.

So who's your competition? Do you have a crabs in the bucket mentality? How often do you share the wins of other "goal diggers" just like you? You'll want to grab some tea for this one of the most freestyle episodes I've ever done to help you figure out who your competition is and who they should & should not be!

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May all your dreams come true in 2022!!!!

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