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Ty wonder rocks

Let me confirm that she does a great job and is well versed in the topics she discusses. You can tell that everyone she talks with is at ease and there’s nothing held back or not covered

Wonderful Way to Get Real on Important Topics

Love the wide variety of topics and current issues Ty brings to the table. She’s well versed at understanding and making topics fun, and the recent ‘solidarity conversations’ are honest and epically important to hear. Making this a regular listen!

Let’s go Ty wonder

So no one probably dose the know that I’m her daughter and I want to support my mom and besides my favorite episode was the flush the toilet one anyways my mom is the best I love her and will support her and if my mom reads this just want to say keep up the awesome work and stay awesome like rainbow dash

Ty is amazing!

Ty is such an awesome human! I so appreciate she’s putting herself out there. Thanks Ty!