June 14, 2022

Which P Should I Be Focusing On?!?!

Which P Should I Be Focusing On?!?!
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In a previous episode, (I Have A Confession, I've Got To Quit This) (https://www.teatalkwithty.com/i-have-a-confessioni-got-to-quit-this/)  we discussed imposter syndrome and how it literally stops you from propelling forward.

Keeping in with that same issue and digging deeper on why imposter syndrome hits some we discuss how so many goal diggers stop showing up because they are truly afraid that they are not perfect.

Can I share a secret with you? It's NEVER going to be perfect! So what is your purpose? In this episode we discuss why it makes more sense to have the mindset of purpose and progress over perfection. Waiting for it to be perfect means you may never make your dream a reality? Are you ok with that? So which P are you going to focus on my friend?

Social Media Marketers mentioned in episode:

Shaniqua| Instagram   http://www.instagram.com/thecoachshaniqua

Jonathan Howard |Instagram   http://www.instagram.com/jonathanrhoward

Rocki  | Instagram  http://www.instagram.com/socialwithrocki | www.socialwithrocki.com

Star |Instagram   http://www.instagram.com/bookofstar_


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May all your dreams come true in 2022!!!!

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